Custom Cushion Designs breached contract

Phoenix, Arizona 2 comments

11 months ago I placed order for 2 custom leather pieces of furniture (bed and sectional). Never received either and Custom Cushion Designs located at 1628 E Washington, Phoenix AZ refuses to refund my $1400 deposit.

The bed is partially done but no work has been done on it in the last 5 months. Sectional never started. The owner, David McCarroll has judgments against him for 40 years. I am Sr Citizen and can not afford to lose this kind of money.

I have tried to work with this company but they never keep their promises of delivery. Last time he promised it I called him 3-4 times that day to find out the delivery time. No answer so I left messages marked "Urgent" and my phone number but no returned calls.

During this whole process I called him weekly to get updates but always got his answering machine and he never returned my calls. I had to drive to his shop to find out what was happening. He always blamed that is was not done on his employees. They would not show up, etc.

I went to his shop after that last delivery came and went with a friend and we had a tape recorder. We recorded him saying that he never returns calls. Also says his employees are always going back to Mexico since the SB1070 went into effect. Even said he did not know if they were illegals. Any employer MUST verify citizenship before hiring anyone.

He has had several other leather furniture businesss under similar names which he lost.

I would suggest that anyone who reads this to not do business with this man and his company.

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I took the owner of the company to court and won a judgment but have never received one cent from them.



The above photos show what has been done to the bed. Only the platform and 2 sides.

No upholstery. No headboard even started.

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